Monday, January 28, 2013

Items of note on PIC's January calendar page

We're not sure if January went by fast for you, but it sure did for PIC!  Before it's time to post our February calendar pages, we wanted to point out more content on our January pages. 

You may have noticed, PIC introduced a new feature this year--we added Outdoor Tips to each month; those tips range from safety suggestions to ways to have more fun, from common-sense ideas to out of the ordinary concepts.  In January its the 'duh' common-sense type--the kind that everyone who spends time outdoors already knows--but BECAUSE we spend so much time outdoors, we sometimes forget or dismiss our needs for the simple things--plenty of warm clothes, layers to adjust to changing temperatures or taking a flashlight, making sure the batteries are fresh and remembering extra batteries, just in case.  Stranded because of a breakdown and forced to spend a long winter's night out in the boonies turns a flashlight into a good friend and an extra set of batteries becomes pure luxury.  The winter days are still short and the nights long, so warm clothes, flashlights, batteries make even more sense.  It all comes down to those last 10 minutes before you leave, when you think 'what else do I need?'  It's so easy to say 'nothing', but we all need to ask ourselves, 'what else JUST in case?' and grab those items before leaving for a day of fun. 

And before we put January to bed, PIC wants to thank the Virgin Valley High School students, especially the ones from Mr. Jensen's science classes; they routinely show up at volunteer events and have done so much work removing tamarisks; we wanted to highlight their contributions by featuring them on the January page.  Thanks! 

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