Thursday, January 3, 2013

PIC's Responsible Use Video--this one won a regional Emmy!

Thank you Christine Ward of Awesome Adventures (and she takes care of the Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce website too!) for your kindness once again.  Christine walked me through setting up a youtube account and then she uploaded PIC's Responsible Use videos to youtube (and now i can share them here!). 

Our first video, "Respect the Ride" features the Kelley family of Logandale.  Lisa is an educator in Moapa Valley, Darren races ATVs and taught his son David to do the same.  This video has the Kelley family discussing several responsible use messages from their perspective and they highlight the differences between riding on our trails and racing ATVs on a course or track. 

The Desert Conservation Program funded these vidoes; PIC proposed educational videos made by regular but recognizable people in their communities, with no memorized script--just people that spend a great deal of time riding and riding responsibly--and sharing those thoughts and memories on video.  While PIC developed the concept, Joshua Tree Productions produced the video, thus it is professionally done with graphics and 'all the works'.  Joshua Tree Productions has won multiple Emmys for their educational films and documentaries. 

PIC is especially proud that this video: won a Regional Emmy in the Pacific Southwest Region in 2009.  It has taken a few years to get this video to youtube, but that hurdle was just cleared. 

Responsible Use in regards to motorized recreation on public lands is one of PIC's main priorities and responsible use is SO easy to do.  Just stay on roads and trails, respect the right of others to recreate how they see fit, be safe, don't trash the desert, ride at your skill level, and obey the speed limits--Nevada state law is 25 mph when speed limits are not posted, this includes most dirt roads and trails.  And enjoy.  Our public lands are meant to be responsibly enjoyed. Check out the video and let us know what you think.  Thanks again to Lisa, David, and Darren for your time making this video--thanks Awesome Adventures for getting our videos to youtube format. 

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