Friday, March 8, 2013


I just read a quote that went something like this, 'Yes time flies, but you are the pilot'.  I really wish I hadn't read that JUST before doing this blog, because originally, I was going to sum up not posting February's calendar pages as 'short month, time flies'.  But if I'm the pilot--there's really no excuse.  Might I suggest not riding in my airplane sometimes--as I am not the most efficient pilot--obviously!

But I am insanely optimistic, so here's to doing a better job in the future.  To that end, PIC presents our March calendar pages:

One of the exciting night events happening in March is the arrival of a boringly-named comet 'C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS).  The name may be boring, but the comet itself should be rather awesome.  Look slightly south of due west about an hour after sunset starting around March 9th; unfortunately the gambling glow of Las Vegas may be too bright--only time will tell.  If it is, a lovely drive west until Vegas is in your rear view mirror will dramatically improve comet viewing.  Maybe a twilight drive to Alamo would be the ticket--grab a yummy snack and hot chocolate at either Sinclair's or R Place, remember to bring binoculars to pass around; park in one of the small rest areas along the Pahranagat Refuge--and kick back for a relaxing and out-of-the-ordinary evening!

PIC's March 'Visit your public lands' suggestion is the Old Spanish Trail, easily found on Mormon Mesa.  This trail climbed away from the Virgin River around Halfway Wash and then headed west across the daunting mesa.  Local historian Garren Fulmer explains that the term 'trail' is a bit misleading, especially regarding the mesa as at times the trail became more of a corridor.  Still, most use did define a trail and over time, that trail has been traveled by others.  The Old Spanish Trail Association has placed markers in key areas and they are looking for local scouts, wanting to do an Eagle Scout project, to either paint old markers or erect new ones.  Contact PIC if you are interested, and we'll get you in touch with the OSTA--what a fun project and a great way to preserve and acknowledge this great historical trail. 

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