Friday, November 23, 2012


Our V2R2--Virgin River Virtual Reality Geocaching Contest is designed to get us exploring the great outdoors!  Before the days of video games, texting, and all manner of electronic gadgetry, kids used to wander or explore.  Nowadays, even adults are hesitant to leave the paved trail; with Ipods or cell phones, most adults are tunnel-vision focused on achieving their 1 mile exercise goal before on to the next item on their busy list. 
And so the simple pleasure of exploring is rapidly becoming a lost art.  When was the last time you wandered over the little foothill, around a corner, or ventured down a wash---just to see what was there? 
Lately, one of the most frequent questions asked (while we are working at the restoration site) is "Can I go down there?" or "Is it OK for me to be down there?"
Goodness gracious Yes!  Come on down!
So, in trying to find a way to entice folks to explore, we thought why ask the impossible (leave your electronic gadgets at home).  Instead, let's use our gadgets to make exploring fun again--and thus this contest! 
Wander off the paved trail, venture between the wide banks of the Virgin's riverbed--come exploring and bring your electronics!  Cause when you find something you want to share with others, you'll need to mark it 'virtually' speaking.  Take the coordinates--anything that has gps capability--most smart phones--can easily cough up that series of numbers which identifies this exact spot from any other spot on earth! 
Coordinates are either latitude/longitude or northerly/easterly--either set will work.  36.47.42 N by 114.04.48 W (latitude/longitude) or 4076126 N by 760527 E (northerly/easterly) virtually marks my first V2R2 geocache. 
Post your coordinates on our facebook page  There, you've just earned 3 points
That's right!  3 points--because we want you to explore; get to know the river bed, the riparian zone where all kinds of plants and animals live!   
Now, here's how to earn 3 more points--super quick and easy!  Just post to our facebook page why you liked your geocache spot.  My geocache--its a great vantage point where I almost always see quail.  Simple as that.  I like it; it's my spot.  And when you explore, you're going to find your favorite spots too.  Virtually mark them.  Post them and earn points.  Remember, we're giving away some decent prizes--they're not leftover t-shirts from 2010.  So enter the contest! 

And here's a way to really rack up the points---take anyone's geocache information and go exploring--try to find their spot.  It's like a virtual treasure hunt or hide and seek!  You find that spot, take a photo and post it to our FB page or post a sentence describing where you're at---and that earns you 5 bonus points!  Plus, wasn't it fun, to wander, to explore, to find someone's virtual treasure?  The photo (above) is a great clue; it's very close to my geocache spot--now how easy is that for you to go there, take your photo and earn 5 bonus points! 
Any questions, or if you want help getting started, just post or email us at; we'll meet up with you and walk you through your first geocaching experience.  We'll have fun, cause we'll be exploring--who knows what you'll find!

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