Friday, November 9, 2012

Join us on 11-17-12 for our next community volunteer day

The fall weather is perfect for a little volunteer work pulling tamarisks and other invasives at the Mitigation and Restoration Site (south of Hughes Middle School in Mesquite) along the Virgin River! 

The rain storms and floods of late August and September gave a healthy boost to all the naturally growing native trees and plants, but the down side is---all that moisture created perfect sprouting conditions for thousands of tamarisks--and now they are over a foot tall!

PIC knows everyone is so busy; when was the last time you thought, 'gosh, I have nothing to do, nowhere to go?'  Right, that never happens, sooooo what we end up doing is chosing between options:  raking leaves, cleaning the garage, doing laundry, filing......  Well, here's another option we hope you consider:  spend a few hours along the Virgin River, breathe fresh air, enjoy the smells and sights of a wetlands habitat, meet new friends, pull some tamarisks, get some exercise, have a free lunch and maybe get fun prizes for your unselfish act of volunteering!  Doesn't that sound more fun than cleaning the garage?  Mending?  Of course it does!

So join us around 8 a.m. on November 17, 2012; wear working-in-the-garden clothes and shoes, something to hold back the morning chill, and come have fun!  Drive or walk to the Hughes Middle School on Grapevine and Hafen (see map); once you get to the tennis courts, follow the City's paved hiking trail to our registration table, grab some gloves (or bring your own) and a donut and juice and mingle!  Check out our fun contests and such, then spend a couple of hours pulling tamarisks and visiting with friends.  Have a light lunch and then back to that pile of mending, dirty garage, dishes---hey, stay a while longer, we won't mind! 

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